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Get your students to write stunning compositions.

Easy customization and total control over details. Give a boost of creativity to your classroom with three different assignment types:

New score

Your students will start from scratch, from a blank score.

Ideal for free writing assignments.


Your students will use a copy of one of your scores as a template.

For when they need more guidance.

Shared writing

Your students will be able to work simultaneously on one of your scores.

Fantastic for group activities.

Custom toolbar

Customize the toolbar to focus on specific notations

Create your own toolsets to get your students to focus only on the core notation of your activity.

Lock template

Lock your templates

Prevent your students from modifying the initial version of your template with a single click.

Playback limits

Playback limits

Challenge your students' earing by setting a fixed number of times they can listen to their work.

Use cases


Attach an audio file to the score, and have the student write down the melodic/rhythm pattern.


Have the student write a 4th voice in harmony with the three others that are provided.

Roman numerals
Live group collaboration

Set a frame with a fixed number of measures and instruments and even a leading melody or a bass line. Then, assign an instrument to each student in the group and have them collaborate to complete the score.


Have your student manually transpose a piece of music to practice concepts such as intervals.

Real-time feedback and in-line comments

Encourage your students to do their best work by commenting and giving them feedback in real-time.

Smart classroom management

Flat for Education helps you manage your classroom by allowing you to easily track your student's engagement with each assignment, their work progress, and outcomes.

Seamless grading

Quickly swap between student submissions to review and grade them. Grades are automatically added to your favorite LMS gradebook.

Save time

Your assignments can be copied, edited and re-used in other classes, which saves you time.


It only takes
4 steps

Select the kind of composition assignment you want - new score, template or shared writing.
Attach the score you want your students to work from (unless you’re going for a new score assignment).
Give your students optional instructions and learning resources.
Customize details like publication and due date, max. grading, toolsets, and... voilà!

Be up and running in minutes.

You and your students deserve a better music education tool.
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